Crazy Dream Escape Game

Crazy Dream Escape

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Benet opened his eyes and found himself in some very mysterious place, it seems to be a mix of modern and ancient! From then he slightly knew he is not in some sane place here, but in a dream. Well if he is in a dream then why does he feel real and he can't wake-up even though he hurt himself a few times already? It might be that he is in a cursed dream like the one told to him by his grandma along time ago. It could be hereditary for his mom had it before. Well if that's the case then he'll have to stick to the advise given to him to wake-up, and that is to escape from wherever he was in the dream.

Escape players, Benet doesn't really know where he is and that's the problem, for it makes the escape difficult. But he needs to try or he'll never wake-up here so will you help him with that? If so, then the challenge awaits! Will your skills and logic be enough for this escape from a place absolutely belonged to a dream? Hopefully you won't take long here for Benet's life is at risk.

Crazy Dream Escape is another new point and click strange place escape game made by 365 Escape.

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