Crazy Car Garage (365 Escape)

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Paul is noticing something weird in his garage here, it’s an unusual silence. This place is suppose to be silent for there is really nobody there but him, but it’s kind of weird like he can’t explain it. Paul looked around the rooms for he felt like he needs to, that’s when he discovered a problem, for now he could no longer get out of the garage for the doors were now locked!

Paul couldn’t budge not just one door, but all of them! He is not sure if this is related to the weird silence of the building, but if it is then it is likely that another thing might happen here, and he is not going to wait for that. Escape players, Paul has all the items that he needs to fix this, but the thing was finding them. Want to help Paul here find what he needs to escape?

Crazy Car Garage is a brand new point-and-click shop escape game released by 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Crazy Car Garage (365 Escape)

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