Ruins Room Escape 2 Game

Ruins Room Escape 2

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In the previous escape adventure, Kieth was trying to rescue a kid who was either brought to a house against his will or got trapped in there due to his own doing. This time however, we will join another kid who was trapped in an old house and this time there won't be any rescue coming! The kid was Kurt and he is a person who loves uncovering mysteries and solving them even though he hadn't done neither at least with seriousness. But that day that seriousness of his will be pushed for he expected the house which he entered to be just empty and abandoned, but there seems to a trap in there for he could not get himself out of the place no more!

Kurt brought nobody with him and he has a feeling that somebody is behind this for he just feels so. Escape players, what will you do if you are faced with the same situation as  Kurt's? He has no help coming to him and he can only rely on himself as well as what he has for this, will your skills and logic be enough to help him escape?

Ruins Room Escape 2 is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

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