Escape From Ruins Temple

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The ruins here in the forest is really beautiful, probably even more beautiful back in its days when it was still being populated, but now it stands abandoned and mostly is a pile of stones. Still though, it is a must-visit kind of place and that’s why that day, Kyle was there for he is on a tour there. As he was there with a group, they saw a lot of ancient structures and sculptures and it was all beautiful, but at some point though Kyle accidentally broke-off from the group and now he is lost!

Kyle called and called for his group but it seems nobody can hear him for there was no response. Kyle really needs to get back to his group or he will get himself into more trouble in this place. Escape players, want to help Kyle here at least get back to the tourists grounds and carefully or you might get him more lost?

Escape From Ruins Temple is a brand new point-and-click ruins escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Ruins Temple

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