Rubber Boat Rescue

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You’re a self proclaimed voyager. And the voyages you take are those that are in the stream flowing through the woods. You’re here ever since you were young. So you practically know all the twists and turns of the paths of the woods. However, you haven’t explored the surroundings through the water. And this made you decide to start your voyages a few months ago. Your voyage now leads you to some structures beside the water. You step out of your vessel and start to explore the place. Then again, there are places that you can’t get to. It’s either some puzzles are there or you need some key to open the places. And you somehow enjoy the search. You continue to roam around and solve some puzzles here and there. Then you heard something snap. You turn around and see your boat slowly floating away.

You stand up immediately and try to run after your boat. However, it has already floated away. You walk back to the structures with you head down. Then at the corner of your eyes, you spot a rubber boat somewhere inside of those structures. Play Rubber Boat Rescue outdoor escape game by Mirchigames to get back home.