Abandoned House Girl Escape Game

Abandoned House Girl Escape
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You leave work a little later today. You try to finish everything before resting for the night. However, you simply have so many back logs that finishing all of them at once is like suicide. So you just leave for the night and just work a little longer again tomorrow. You have no problems with the transportation in your workplace. There are many drivers that are already familiar to you. However, tonight is quite different. The area is silent and no cars are passing by. So you walk a little farther away from the office. Then you hear some muffled noises. You tiptoe to the dark and look around. And that's when you see a girl being dragged inside a vehicle. You almost let out a gasp but you instantly cover your mouth. You then watch the vehicle drive away. But the abductors are not aware of your presence.

You heard the address where they're taking the girl. So you hurriedly follow the vehicle with a taxi. You wait until the abductors leave and you enter the house. And you always pass by this abandoned house. You can hear the girl crying somewhere. You can't let it stop until you find her location. Be quick and play Abandoned House Girl Escape room escape game by 5n Games.

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