Escape From Admirable Hotel

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Your trip to the US is one that you’re always looking forward for. Every year, you’re visiting various hotels. You’re making sure that you get to fully enjoy all its amenities. Besides, the hotels you’re staying at are not just any hotel. This time, you’re staying at Admirable Hotel. This hotel had been on numerous travel books. Many people are suggesting this as the must-stay-at hotel. You really like reading anything about travelling. And you always see the name. So it’s only natural that you get curious and want to try it out as well. And so you booked for a reservation. Now you’re in front of it. The massiveness of the place is quite overwhelming. You even feel dizzy just trying to make everything fit in your vision. At last, you’re in the place that everybody seems to be talking about. Actually you haven’t read the full articles.

And you should have. The building is amazingly clean and spacious. You can’t bump into many people. But you think it’s only because of the wide halls. Then you notice some visitors going near the reception area with some murmuring. The receptionist just smiled at them and they’re off. So you think everything is truly fine. You proceed to your room and think it’s too much for one person. But all these spaces and other things are for another purpose. Escape From Admirable Hotel room escape game by Eight Games lets you enjoy and explore the place by interacting with the things found inside the hotel.