Romantic Park Escape Game

Romantic Park Escape

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You and your lover enjoys parks so much. You always set specific dates to visit the parks. Most of the dates include the changing of the seasons. It's reassuring you that no matter how many times the seasons change, your love remains the same. And then you'd plant one flower in the park as the symbol of another milestone in your relationship. All these times, a mysterious girl is watching you. However, you and your lover is so focused on each other that you fail to notice her. This gives her a lot of opportunities to plan for her next moves. She recently broke up with her lover when she first saw you in the park. She is full of loathing until now. Successful relationships are like pests to her. She can't bear seeing others happy while she's miserably single. And your lover becomes the object of her revenge.

It's a beautiful sunny day. The flowers start to bloom as it is spring time. You and your lover are enjoying a leisure walk in the park. Suddenly, you receive a call so you move aside a little to answer it. It only takes few seconds for your lover to disappear. Play Romantic Park Escape outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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