River Tern Lodge Escape

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The river lodging houses is a simple one and guests can even access their rooms through a small boat. Mercer liked this and the resort was even located in a scenic place in the edge of the forest. This is definitely a dream come true for him but not quite yet, for his dream will really come true if he owns something like this, but for now he’ll just go with this. That night after dinner, Mercer returned to his lodge by hopping on the boat they were provided, but as soon as he landed though he noticed something missing, something important, he is missing the keys to his lodge!

Mercer have no idea what happened for he knows he had his keys, well he remembered at least it was with him when he got out of the room, maybe he dropped it or misplaced it somewhere? Okay, he really needs to find it for not only he won’t be able to get inside his place, but he will pay for that missing important item too! Escape players, will you help Mercer here find his lodge key for it’s currently difficult to do so due to being dark.

River Tern Lodge Escape is a new outdoors item retrieval escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for River Tern Lodge Escape


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