Rescue The Tourist Boy From Cave Game

Rescue The Tourist Boy From Cave

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Rescue The Tourist Boy From Cave is brand new point and click escape game released by Games 2 Jolly. Enjoy more fun escape adventures here plus a rescue attempt.

The wilderness ahead is both lush and barren, it means there are parts that are green and there also parts that it's so dry, a healthy human is going to need to drink water every 30 minutes or risk being continually dehydrated. As a rescuer, Jose must be on his way right-now for he just got a report from the main office that there's a boy lost in the area there and that kid needs an immediate rescue. Nobody really knows exactly how the kid got there, but the relatives are just panicking and was quite desperate. Will Jose successfully do this rescue for the kid in potentially the driest parts of the wilderness here?

Escape players, you are very much welcome to try the rescue adventure with Jose, use the best of your skills and logic so you can rescue the kid as quickly as possible and also, be very careful here for the wilderness has lots of dangers even though it's just a desert, there's more than meets the eye in these kinds of places. Good luck on the rescue adventure here, have fun!


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