Boy Rescue From Dark House Game

Boy Rescue From Dark House

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You somehow knew from the very start that your friend will be like one of those kidnapped persons kept in a dark house in dramas because of their wealth. His father is a wealthy businessman who isn't your normal businessman. He has a dark past that he didn't want to bring in the light. And he makes use of his money well in keeping his past a secret. Even his son doesn't know anything about this. He's living a very carefree life knowing his father will always be around to save him. You have been looking at this situation from a distance and from a close vantage point. Your friend never knew this but his father asked you to be one of his bodyguards. He knows his son won't suspect you of being one which makes it easier for you to stay closer to him.

But the gangsters must have known about this setup. One day while you were on your day off, you saw your friend walking alone on the streets. You looked for signs of the presence of his bodyguards but there seemed to be no one around. So you immediately rushed to where he was but the gangsters got there first. Play Boy Rescue From Dark House room escape game by Games 2 Jolly.

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