Tourist Escape 2

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Tourist Escape 2 is the newest point and click indoor escape escape game from 8b Games. This game is a continuation of the first one from this series. Have fun on this escape adventure from a simple room everyone!

The older guests are now starting to leave from the resort and that is where Marie comes in for she wanted relaxation and peace from her day to day work. It’s now the end of the peak season and she specifically took that time but little did she know however, something is going to happen while she was in the simple room which she rented and because there was very little to no people in the place, nobody can really hear her calling for help!

The stay and the journey was slow and calming, just as she wanted it, the small and simple house was cool too as well as humbling. But that said problem however started when she planned to leave for a bit and sight-see, then she could not open the door of her room and mysteriously it won’t budge-open really! Marie was absolutely confused what was going-on, she can’t get help from anybody for service is down in this area and no matter how hard she screamed, nobody would come. Escape players, being a guest in a room and get trapped in there seems like a pretty unfortunate thing to happen, but would you still join in on the escape here with Marie and see if you can all leave as quickly as possible? Good luck!

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Walkthrough video for Tourist Escape 2

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