Rescue The Pet Beaver Max

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You really wanted to come to your friend’s house for a long time, but you were  busy though and all. Well today you finally have the time, you were excited for not only you have a lot to catch-up with your friend, but also you would like to meet his new pet which was very much different and he named it Max.

This pet of your friend is a beaver! That is very much different and you have no idea how he tamed such a beast and how he is taking care of it, well you just wanted to see. But as you arrive in the place though, there was a problem and your friend is going to need some help. Escape players, this problem is all about Max and a room there and his friend couldn’t solve that at the moment, okay you will now be in the situation here so will you be able to help your friend and his beaver Max from whatever is the problem?

Rescue The Pet Beaver Max is a brand new point-and-click indoor pet rescue escape game released by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Pet Beaver Max

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