Rescue The Lion (8b Games)

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Melvin had always been curious of what the farmer is really hiding for as a person who loves mysteries, he had always been suspicious of the farmer’s whereabouts until one day, he heard a strange roar coming from one of the barns and it sounded like a lion! A lion? Here? Melvin was confused and he is not sure if what he heard was even a lion, so that day he decided to check it out and by doing so without being spotted by anyone working there as well as the cameras.

Melvin looked around the barn and there he saw a lion! So it was actually a lion, the animal looked scary for it’s big and from then Melvin really pondered why was there one here? What was the farmer up to? After a while, Melvin decided to really stir things up in the place so he can find-out what is really going-on. And so, he decided to free the lion so he can see what will the people there do. Escape players, Melvin here is about to free a big cat and there could be dangerous consequences, but there is nothing else left to do but that so will you join him on the attempt?

Rescue The Lion is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.