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Rescue The Lady Bug

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You just arrived from a training on a neighboring island when you received the mission to rescue the Lady Bug. Before leaving the main island, you heard about the dangers surrounding the lady bug. However, you couldn't focus on the case since you were already preparing to leave. You were hoping things would turn out just fine even in your absence. But the opposite happened. Terrorists began attacking the place where the Lady Bug was and finally caught her. Without her, the rest of the creatures could be in danger. Nobody really knew that you were involved in the world of the insects. They thought you were just somebody who enjoyed studying insects. But in fact, you were there to guard them all. You shouldn't have left them that day yet your superior wanted you to improve your skills. He also promised to keep a close eye on the creatures.

Then again, after hearing the what happened, you began to question his honesty. He might had other motives for keeping you away from the lady bug. You'd soon know about all of these after you free the creatures in the forest. Play Rescue The Lady Bug outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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