Vintage Classic House Escape Game

Vintage Classic House Escape

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Numerous long weekends came your way as you were about to file for a leave. You really wanted to get away for a while. Your work was bearable but you still wanted to see other views just to feel refreshed. So you looked through the available flights out of the country. You found a lot of flights with cheap fares. However, you didn't have the cash with you at the moment. You decided to get out when your friend called. He was offering you a free trip somewhere. You smiled widely as your luck kept on getting better. You couldn't wait to hear about the itinerary. But your friend wanted to keep it a secret as much as possible. He enjoyed surprising you yet you didn't really reciprocate the happiness. You just didn't know how to react to any of it. Your friend surprised you just the same.

On the day of the departure, he gave you the itinerary and asked you to just meet him somewhere. You were a bit confused as you were not very familiar with the place and the houses. But you followed his instructions and found yourself in the vintage classic house. Play Vintage Classic House room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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