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Find My Playstation

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A gamer, that is what you are. You love to play games and you are lucky that you have supportive friends. Your friend knows that you love to play games so he let you borrow his brand new Playstation. The good news is, he has a new game and you are both eager to try it. Because of that, you went home early to prepare the Playstation. However, you can't find the Playstation anywhere in the room. This is the problem that you have to solve as soon as possible. Your friend will come over anytime soon. You don't want him to think that you didn't take care of his game console. Since you don't know where the Playstation is, you have to look for clues that can help you to locate this.

But just like in the games, there are puzzles that you need to solve before you can get what you want. Your logic is very important for you to solve each and every puzzle that you will face. You have to win this one. Play this brand new outdoor escape game from Top 10 New Games and Find My Playstation as soon as possible. Good luck and have fun!

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