Rescue The Hippopotamus Game

Rescue The Hippopotamus

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Rescue The Hippopotamus is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games for more fun rescues here in the wilderness Good luck!

Charlie lives in a wooden house which was very close to the hippo watering-hole in the area, it's downright dangerous there and he knows it, but he had lived there for decades and he never in his life was ever attacked by those giant things, intimidated many times yes, but he already knows how the creatures move and using the ground beneath his feet, he knows when one will be there. Charlie's experience have really garnered him an expert of the hippos, but he still stays-clear from them because not only they can chomp a human in half, they can also run as fast as a car. One day however as Charlie was hunting, he found a hippo and there he realized he was actually going to get near to one, even though he mostly keeps away from those high-speed chompers.

There was a big cage in the river and the bars were thick, thick enough to trap a hippo and when Charlie moved to an angle, he saw that there was one indeed trapped in there! Charlie was very hesitant if he ever wants to rescue that trapped hippo there, for he fears that the one who set the trap there might see him or for the animal, it might get too startled that it hurts him in the process. Escape players, care to join with Charlie here as he rescues a hippo? Go ahead then and be very careful on everything. Have fun!


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