Devil Fairy Rescue Game

Devil Fairy Rescue

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Try your luck on this rescue attempt here for a mythical being. Devil Fairy Rescue is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly for more dose of fun adventures here. Have Fun then!

The devil fairy is both a very weird being and a magical one too. It's called that for it has two things going-on in its mind always, to do evil sometimes but good as well. She is like the Hellboy who is both a demon but has a heart of an angel, it confuses the villagers sometimes but they just let the devil fairy be for it never really hurts anyone, it's just mischievous and plays pranks to the point that she can be called evil in a way. One day, Villar was drawing closer and closer to the devil fairy's house as he collects firewood in the area, he knows that but he doesn't have a choice but to keep going and wait for an evil prank, but weirdly it never came so he was dumbfounded.

The devil fairy always plays a prank on him aside from helping him too occasionally, but there Villar realized that the fairy was actually in-trouble inside her home for she got trapped! Villar was hesitant to go on the rescue for this could all be a prank there, but what the heck, somebody has to continually teach that evil fairy to be kind most of the time. Escape players, care to join Villar as he rescues a being who is both good and evil? Go ahead then and good luck, be careful in trying the doors in her place and try your best not to be confused.

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