Flying Owl Escape Game

Flying Owl Escape

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Flying Owl Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Avm Games for extra fun and a dose of adventure here with us! Best of luck to you escape players.

Some of the houses here in the village are now slowly being abandoned for supplies in the area are constantly dwindling and resupplying is always hard and labor-intensive. As one of the villagers of the place, Ken had lived all his life there and was a witness of how the village was slowly declining, maybe one day he'll have to leave too if the situation in the place becomes dire, but it's very unlikely. One day as Ken was sitting trying to think about what he needs to do to remedy the problem there or just his problem, he found an owl and it was in a problem as well!

Ken found an owl flying in the light of day and it was weird for owls are mostly nocturnal, their eyes can be very sensitive to light but he thought it could be one of those who can do well in the day. Ken was just looking at the owl gliding when suddenly it struggled for it got trapped in one of the houses there! What in the world, something might be going-on with that bird, that's why he decided to rescue it for there's not many people here that would help it out. Escape players, care to join in the animal rescue with Ken and see if you can help the owl? Go ahead then and have fun on the rescue.


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