Rescue The Hen And Chicks Game

Rescue The Hen And Chicks

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Reggie the farmer woke-up very early in the morning for chores are now on for the animals. Reggie checked every animal behind the doors of their enclosures and some he lets out to roam and graze. Everything was going well at first and the animals just normally goes on their way to feed, but there was a problem however, for when Reggie checked in the enclosure where his hen and chicks were, they were gone!

Reggie quickly looked around and scratched his head, where is his hen and its offspring? There is no way they can escape from the enclosure and if they can, then they need superior strength to escape which they don't, for their enclosure was built specifically for them. Reggie needs to find them soon for one of his vital resources are eggs and any missing hens can be detrimental to the supply of eggs and offspring production. Escape players, want to help Reggie here find his missing hen and chicks? They might be in some trouble now and Reggie doesn't even know it.

Join in the rescue here everyone for some missing poultry. Rescue The Hen And Chicks is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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