Gorgeous Valley Forest Escape Game

Gorgeous Valley Forest Escape

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The land is starting to change and it's clear that autumn is starting to set in, the valley forest is beginning with its red and orange beauty. That's why one day, Edward went to that said valley to see its beauty once again and the only way through it is going up to the mountains and from there then one will see the full beauty of the valley from above. Edward have already done such a thing many times and he is only doing a yearly routine which he never misses. But on that day however there was a change to the situation, and Edward was caught into it dead-center!

Edward was very near the top of the mountains now and he knows his way, but something was different though and that got him lost in the place! It happened to Edward for the first-time in years of journeying in the place, he could no longer get to the valley for the path seems to have changed! How though? Edward pondered to himself. This has never happened before, but he needs to act quickly for this is the wilderness and it's a dangerous place. Escape players, want to help Edward here get back home while there is still a chance?

Gorgeous Valley Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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