Rescue The Cute Puppy Game

Rescue The Cute Puppy
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As siblings, you and your sister have always been opposites. You like the color red but she likes blue. You like the winter but she likes the summer. It is all fine and dandy but there is one issue where you both cannot agree to disagree.

You own a tremendously cute pet puppy. It has accompanied you since you were a child and both of you are inseparable. However, your sister is a cat person. She owns a cat yet she absolutely despises dogs, including yours.

One day, your sister was doing her homework. She got up to get some water but your puppy took the opportunity and ate her homework. When she found out about this, she was livid.

When you and your family went on a vacation, your sister plotted her revenge. She kept your puppy hidden somewhere. With water and food of course, because she is not that cruel.

Rescue The Cute Puppy is a fun and challenging escape game from Top 10 New Games. In this escape game, you must look for clues and solve the elaborate puzzles set by your sister in order to rescue your puppy. Point and click your way through this unique escape game and finally free your cute puppy!

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