Cute Puppy Escape

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This land here where Kyle lives is not too populated, in fact the houses there are scattered distantly across the forested path and people liked it that way, more space more privacy. Kyle that day readied himself for such a place requires a lot of manual labor to maintain and in-order for him to survive. There is going to be a lot of chores and one of them that day will be checking his traps. Well he would not expect what he’ll find in one of them though.

Kyle checked his first trap which was near his home and it was a big contraption, he expected not to find anything in there for rarely bigger animals would come near to this area, maybe bears but they are too smart for traps. Kyle checked his trap and there he found a beautiful puppy! Kyle froze right there, for what he is looking seems to be a Shiba Inu type of dog! And he was quite dumbfounded. Did one of his neighbors bought a new dog of this caliber? That’s very likely, if so then he needs to get this young one out of his cage there for this is quite a rare kind of dog. Escape players, come and join in the rescue here for the dog with Kyle and maybe find his owner then after.

Cute Puppy Escape is a brand new point and click pet rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

Walkthrough video for Cute Puppy Escape


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2 months ago

Solved! :D :D