Cute Puppy Rescue Game

Cute Puppy Rescue

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Love is greater than annoyance. You're living in a farm house for the time being. You're still getting use to the loneliness you're feeling. And being closer to nature gives that healing effect. You know running away from pain won't stop it, but you simply need some time out. For the first few days you find yourself getting very busy in the morning. However, when night comes, it seems like loneliness creeps in. But it didn't last long. You now have a naughty puppy who keeps you occupied for most of the night. He really likes playing and you get comfort from making someone else happy. He wags his tail every time he sees you. And you can't help but act cute in front of him as well. This routine goes on every night. You're very tired after playing with him that you have no time to think of loneliness.

You wake up once more feeling fresh. However, the weather outside is a little gloomy. You look around your kitchen for something comforting on days like this. So you prepare a mushroom soup which is your happy food. The day goes on with nothing much to do. Then comes night. You're excited to see the puppy running towards you. You wait for him to come with his tail wagging. But minutes pass and you still have no sign of him. After an hour, you begin your search. Play Cute Puppy Rescue outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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