Rescue The Crocodile

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Rio lives in the forest and for a year now he is starting to realize the dangers of the place as well as the methods on how he can live by what he can find. He is thriving though, but he fears that one day the dangers might get him and he is afraid that it might also end him! One day, Rio went outside of his place so he can check his traps for rabbits, but he saw that it caught something different and it’s more than he expected which wasn’t good at all.

Rio’s trap captured a crocodile and because the reptile thrashed to escape, it got into more traps in his area! Rio doesn’t want that crocodile at all but the creature needs to be freed for he doesn’t want it dying there and of course he also doesn’t want to get hurt in the process. Escape players, will you help Rio here free that crocodile before it destroys more things in his place? Come and help Rio then and carefully do this for such an animal can pack quite a bite force.

Rescue The Crocodile is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games.