Rescue The Turtle (Top 10 New Games)

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The poachers near the village just got captured and some of the animals that they captured don’t even belong in the place, there are even sea creatures there and that’s outrageous for the village is landlocked in a vast forest! Billy was one of the persons who helped the village peacemakers in capturing the poachers, and as he surveys the area as well for maybe there could be a few more poachers there hiding in the bush, he found a trap and inside it was a turtle!

Billy doesn’t know if it’s a sea turtle or a fresh water turtle, but it’s the strangest animal he found there though and he will definitely rescue it and probably even bring it back to its natural habitat, there isn’t much time for the animal maybe and that’s why he needs to hurry. Escape players, want to join in the rescue here with Billy for the turtle as quickly as you can? The peacemakers are currently arresting some of the poachers that’s why he doesn’t have help at the moment, but he’ll do his best to make things right and save that turtle and maybe some of the animals there too. Come and help Billy here everyone in helping the captured turtle.

Rescue The Turtle is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.