Rescue The Boy From Black Magic House

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People have been trying to look for this hyperactive boy who lives in the town and a lot knows him for he was the only jolly boy there, for the rest are either timid or secretive. As a person who had joined on the search party, Clyde might have an idea where this kid is now, for he knows him and he is quite the curious one, so it could be that he is at the darker parts of the town which was not suppose to be visited into.

And Clyde was right, the kid was actually there! But he is trapped in this weird box though and Clyde could not open it with his bare hands, maybe he’ll find a tool or something here which he can use. Clyde is very cautious of this place, for by darker he means scary because paranormal things happens there, that’s why people don’t really go there. Well, if Clyde followed those rules then he would not have found the kid there, now he needs to rescue him. Escape players, Clyde might need some extra help here on this rescue, want to guide him through the old scary houses there just to find something which can free the trapped boy?

Rescue The Boy From Black Magic House is the newest point and click scary place rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Boy From Black Magic House

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