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Rescue Mission 3
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Saving the lady at the station took quite a while. You wanted her to find her way out herself. But she was simply clueless as to what she should do. And you couldn't wait for her to figure out things. So you decided to step in and do the tasks for her. However, you quickly realized that she wasn't really dull. It was because things got a bit tricky at that time. Instead of taking all the weight from the lady, you thought it was best to just share the load hoping things would go smoothly. She willingly agreed and you both started working to figure things out for her escape. It had been a few weeks since that incident. You somehow started to forget the lady but at the same time hoped you'd bump into her to ask her how she was.

One of the places she might appear was at the market. You leisurely strolled along the aisles and picked up some stuffs occasionally to just read the labels. Your attention was then focused on the man at the corner. He seemed to be busy looking for something to the point of panicking. So you asked him if you could help, and he answered he needed you to help find his way out. Play Rescue Mission 3 outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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