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Escape The Judge
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The strangest things happen to you when you least expect them. Just a few days ago, you're walking in the airport when a stranger approached you. She was looking so serious like she had something so important to tell you. You waited for her to speak. However, she just looked at you intently and left in a hurry. You were hoping the guards to capture her in the CCTV. But when you checked the footage, it seemed like the stranger easily blended with the crowd or even disappeared. You didn't want to really put so much meaning into what happened. So you didn't ask the authorities to investigate further. You somehow believed these things could happen in the airport where some people were distraught at the thought of their loved ones leaving. You entered the plane and found the woman sitting calmly.

She didn't make any eye contact so you left her alone. You didn't notice her leave the plane but didn't bother to look for her as well. Today, you're on another flight and you instantly feel something strange on the plane. You find among the passengers, a judge who's working on your case. You didn't know things will get weirder from here. Play Escape The Judge outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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