Airplane Boneyard Escape Game

Airplane Boneyard Escape

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You didn't know you're so good at finding hidden things. You were just playing inside an escape room. Just then someone called you. Your friend owned the place so you frequent it hoping to beat your last record. They were so good at hiding stuffs and setting up various rooms that you couldn't help but go back every time. Little did you know that some people from an intelligence agency was watching your moves inside the rooms. You impressed them at how fast you could find the items. They also liked the fact that you were able to combine items to make them work for your needs. You don't feel any pressure at all when you're inside the rooms. For you, it seems to be all fun and games without losing your goal. After the meeting with the intelligence agency, you landed yourself a job.

The moment you heard the news, you can't help but jump up and down. This is one of the dreams you put off. Because you focus something that can bring food to your table. Your first assignment is on the Airplane Boneyard. The place holds a skeleton of an airplane and you have to find a box hidden somewhere. Play Airplane Boneyard Escape room escape game by WoW Escape.

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