Rescue Man From Sneaky Game

Rescue Man From Sneaky

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Everyone in this town knows you. You are very famous in here because whenever they need help, you are always there for them. Aside from that, you are also friends with everyone even with the grumpy Sneaky. Almost everyone hates him but you managed to make friends with him. Since you are friends with him, a citizen asked you if you can help him to escape from Sneaky. However, he is still tough and hard to please. He doesn't like granting any favors even from a friend like you. On the other note, you can't just leave the man with him. You have to do something for the man and help him to escape. The good news is, Sneaky is asleep right now. With that, you can perform your rescue operation. You have to be quick though because you never want him to be angry at you.

There are puzzles in his room that you have to solve before you can finally rescue the man. Your logic to very important for you to solve those so you have to think hard with those. Play this brand new room escape game from Mirchigames and Rescue Man From Sneaky. Best of luck!

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