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Rescue Mission 2
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The lady already looked like trouble the moment you saw her parked her car in the station. You were working as a part timer there for just three hours everyday. You used to have a steady job but there was a certain charm in part timing that made you quit your previous job. It seemed like you found more sense in working and being paid with the number of hours you worked. You felt like the harder you work, the more rewarding it will be. You failed to see this in your previous job. People may have been calling you crazy for quitting so early. But you felt it was better than having to suffer for a long time and regret not making the decision earlier. You felt like you could just make use of what you already have to make your life better.

The lady got out of her car and went inside the store. You watched her car from a distance making sure it was safe. Long minutes have passed and the lady was still out of sight. You wondered what was keeping her. So you walked over to the store and found her looking confused. You realized she would need your help. Play Rescue Mission 2 room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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