Rescue With Golden Jug Game

Rescue With Golden Jug

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While you're on your journey towards home, you met an old man. This old man had a sack full of weird stuffs. You dared not tell him about how weird he looked. But somehow he managed to read what you were thinking. It was quite awkward. But he let it slip off. Instead, he made you focus on the stuffs he had. He said the things he had weighed him down. And his way of getting rid of it, was to give the things away. There was only little life left in him and keeping these things won't make any sense. He said he gave some of his things to people he met on the way. And you're one of them. So he made you choose. You want to ease his burden so you chose the thing that weighed more. It was a bag of seeds.

The man once again smiled, took his things and left. You stood there looking at your seeds when you saw a piece of paper inside. The paper told you of a golden jug. This jug is the only jug that can make the seeds grow. And you were very much willing to find it. Play Rescue With Golden Jug outdoor escape game by Escape Games Today.

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