Locked Shop Escape Episode 1 Game

Locked Shop Escape Episode 1

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Unknown to most of your friends, you really hanging out in shops. They rarely see you going inside shops as they easily notice you looking disinterested. You may just look like it, but deep inside you're enjoying every bit of your time in the shop. It seems like there's always something interesting in the shops and you're hoping to find rare items as well. They don't usually see you since you tend to stay in the deeper parts of the shop looking for interesting stuffs. There's a newly opened store on your block. However, due to your busy schedule, you can't go there. It's been two months already. There's news that it may close down soon. So you take some time after work to visit the store and hopefully find unique stuffs there. You can't wait to explore it to get lost in its aisle of things.

However, upon arriving there, it seems that they're getting ready to pack up. So you ask the owner to give you a few minutes to scan the place. The owner just smiles at you and left. Now you have the shop to yourself. And instead of just spending a few minutes, it turns into an hour. You realize this and you hurry towards the door. But it won't budge. Play Locked Shop Escape Episode 1 room escape game by Mouse City.


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