Rescue With Diamond Necklace Game

Rescue With Diamond Necklace

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Your mother really likes telling you the story of how she got a diamond necklace. Even if you've heard of the same story for the nth time, you still like it. It's like one of those classic love stories. But she still can't tell me the ending of the story. I don't know what she's trying to hide. Yet you don't push what you want. You'd rather wait for her to tell you in the right time. Maybe she has surprises in store that only time can tell her when to show. You walk over to the window and see your friend with another person. You sigh as you somehow wish it was you. But you're only a ghost writer. Your promise to your friend still holds true. And you love her more than whatever is going through your mind right now. So you just walk back to your grandma.

She keeps on looking on the floor. You look at her neck and the necklace is gone. You ask her if she dropped it somewhere but she can't remember. It holds so much memories and your grandma lives on those memories. So you promised to help her find it. And maybe discover the ending to her stories. Play Rescue With Diamond Necklace room escape game by Escape Games Today.

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