Red Cardinal Rescue Game

Red Cardinal Rescue

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You had been observing this red cardinal for a long time. The first time you saw it, it seemed weak from hunger and thirst. However, every time you would try to help it, it would just fly away. You realized it must not like you getting too close. So you what you did was to leave bits of food and a container of water. The bird came back and consumed what you had prepared. Since then, you would leave food and water for the bird. You always had to hide though. But you still enjoyed the scene even. The bird was something that you looked forward to everyday. It seemed to have developed its own schedule and was never late. Until one day, he missed his schedule. You waited for the bird to arrive worrying that it won't. It did came but it looked weak.

You would want to know what was happening but you knew the bird couldn't really communicate well with you. It was still winter time and you figured it must be hard for the bird. So you stealthily followed its direction until it came to the forest. You were hoping to find the bird inside a warm place but instead you found it inside a cage. Play Red Cardinal Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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