Ready To Halloween Party Game

Ready To Halloween Party

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Come and check-out the challenge here on the eve of Halloween. Ready To Halloween Party is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Rule. Enjoy everyone!

Kim and his fiance Allison was ready for the Halloween party in their neighborhood and they were told it's going to be extravagant, so the two decided for the count Dracula and his wife costume but, with a ball motif twist which mixes a Halloween costume and an evening formal attire. Everything was set and the two were ready to leave their house for the party, but something happened and that is stopping them both in getting to the party!

Kim noticed that when he tried the doors of the house, he could not open it and that's not all, for the windows wouldn't budge as well! Could this be a prank? Or something else entirely which he needs to be severely worried about. Escape players, Kim and Allison needs to fix this problem and mostly it is Kim's job for he is the man of the house. Care to join in with Kim as you all try to escape the house and of course, figure-out this mysterious occurrence first? Good luck then and happy Halloween!

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