Halloween Adventure Door Escape Game

Halloween Adventure Door Escape

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Halloween Adventure Door Escape is the newest point and click spooky place escape game from Games 4 Escape. Have fun on this one here and may you escape unscathed.

There was this underground passage which was dark and scary but even then, a few people have been to the place. They share stories of it being the entrance hard to open but, there was this one day every year that it lets anyone enter it, and that day is the day of Halloween! The place is definitely ancient but because Ian who was an adventurer is very curious of such a place and what he can uncover there, he decided to venture it in the eve of the spooky occasion!

Nobody knows why it opens-up every specific time of the year and why only once, That's what Ian wanted to find-out and hopefully, and then some which the place is definitely hiding. Ian is now in the entrance of the place but it's weird why the door wouldn't open, maybe he came at the wrong time? Well he is not about to give-up, he decided to find some clues and other things around the area which can help him open that door. He doesn't know what will happen if he forces it, but it won't be forced actually because it's already Halloween. Escape players, why don't you try the challenge here as well, good luck and may you find interesting things in there. Have fun!

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