Rabbit Forest Game

Rabbit Forest

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When your cousin and his girl friend broke up, the animals went to the girl. You really liked the girl and the animals as well. However, if things weren't working out the way they should be, it was better that they ended things. You really miss the animals though. When they were still together, you would visit your cousin's house and play with the animals. You would have a hard time getting close to the creatures outside of your cousin's property. Your favorite ones were the rabbits. They were simply fluffy and utterly cute. You actually wanted to take one home and you were waiting for your cousin to give you one. But it was part of their business and nothing came free. So you were just contented with playing with them occasionally. However, after the break up, you had no reason to see the creatures anymore.

Your love for the animals didn't end though. And if you couldn't see the ones your relative had, you'd look for others in the forest. The forest you went to was full of various creatures. Many researchers visit the area to work on their studies. So they set up various tricks to keep uninvited visitors out. You easily entered the forest and saw its beauty. But getting out of it was a different story. Play Rabbit Forest outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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