Escape From Chemical Factory Game

Escape From Chemical Factory

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Your mom was a famous witch and she was able to mix powerful potions for various needs. Fellow witches would sometimes approach her and want to learn from her. However, she was very particular with whom she teaches her craft. It would be very dangerous if the skills she taught would fall on the wrong hands. You wanted to learn from your mom as well. But before she could teach you something, you needed to be familiar with how chemicals came together. Although making potions involved some magic, your mom wanted you to learn the basics. So you went over the books she owned hoping you'd learn enough to make your own potions. But it was hard for you understand especially if you had to learn on your own and with words alone. You lived in the city where many buildings housed many industries.

You decided to visit one of them hoping to learn easily. It was hard for you to find the right building. But after many attempts, you were able to enter a chemical factory. One of the workers there was very willing to give you a tour of the place. The many activities inside the factory caught your attention until you forgot where you should exit. Play Escape From Chemical Factory room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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