Little Girl War Place Rescue Game

Little Girl War Place Rescue

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You closed your eyes and hoped that all of these were just your dreams. A few months ago, you had to bid goodbye to your loved ones. It was totally heartbreaking to leave your loved ones behind. But you knew that when you accepted the job, a huge responsibility came with it. You thought you prepared yourself already. And that you would be able to finish each mission like an ordinary job. What you didn't know was that you'd be facing so much more. And you'd be more emotionally involved than you wished. There was one memory that you could never forget for the rest of your career. You were in a war torn area. There was destruction everywhere. And your heart broke into million pieces. You sensed that all hope disappeared in this area. However, from all the chaos, there was a little girl.

You wondered if the girl was just your illusion or you were seeing a ghost. Just then, the little girl looked at you. And you couldn't take your eyes away from her. You wanted to save her no matter what. And you also wanted to let her know that there were still a better future waiting for her. However, you had to make sure she lived. Play Little Girl War Place Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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