Quarantine Apartment Escape Game

Quarantine Apartment Escape

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Everybody is on quarantine now for who knows how long, but for Enrique he has all that he needs in his home and he can comply to that until this global issue clears itself out. But no matter how much a person has however, it will absolutely decrease especially if one doesn't replenish it, soon that's what is going to happen to Enrique's supply so that day, he decided to leave and buy some at the nearest retail shop which was open. It's a good thing the villa where he lives are well disciplined, guess even though they look arrogant with their expensive and luxurious houses, they still follow rules which is a must for everybody. Enrique was ready with his gear to buy some supplies, but somehow when he tried his door so he can leave, there was a problem and it turned his quarantine into being trapped!

Enrique is now trapped in his own home and he had no idea at all why! It's clear now that he could not get himself out for all of his doors are now locked. What in the world is going-on here? Enrique is getting concerned now and if he doesn't go and buy supplies soon, he'll definitely starve in there! Escape players, will you help Enrique here escape without destroying anything, for essentials are the only ones open right-now and repairs to what is broken cannot be done.

Quarantine Apartment Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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