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Puzzle Contest 01

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The town had become like an abandoned one again, but it's not actually for it's the yearly contest where every contestant must solve the puzzles placed by the town's officials around the houses and the first person who is able to do that gets the grand prize! This year, Eddie thought to himself that he had garnered much experience now and he thinks he might be able to solve this year's challenge! So he entered and when the day of the contest came, he began his challenge in a street-path with the others stationed in different places across the town. This year's challenge is definitely going to be big, for the officials just got extra funding and every single contestant must expect the challenge now to be harder.

Escape players, we will now begin the challenge here in the town, want to join in as well and see if you can solve this town-wide challenge? Place yourself on the shoes of Eddie then, ready yourselves with the puzzles and find clues along the way. On your mark, get set, go!

Check-out this adventure here everyone! Puzzle Contest 01 is a brand new point and click town challenge escape game released by 5n Games.

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