Professor Escape

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Vin owed his professor for at one time he helped him on a really difficult subject and because he had some clarity then, he passed that one cleanly. Vin planned to pay that debt by giving his professor a ride, for the day before, he saw his prof having some trouble with his car and indeed the thing was pretty old and needed an expensive car repair. Vin was not that proficient with fixing cars, so he just offered to pick-up his professor the next morning so that he won’t be late at the college.

The next morning, Vin went to his professor’s house and he noticed that the door is open, maybe he is welcoming him in so he knocked and entered. Vin called for his professor and he indeed heard him somewhere in the house but he was not good at the moment. Vin’s professor was actually trapped in the house somewhere and he is screaming for help! Vin also panicked when he heard this, and as a result he also got accidentally trapped in the house! What an amazing turn of events, but because the professor is static in his room, he can’t help him, well Vin still has a lot of room to move and potentially do both a rescue and an escape. Escape players, come and join Vin here as he escapes out of the house while rescuing his professor who was needed at the school.

Find clues and important objects here inside the house which can open some of the doors and solve this problem. Professor Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Professor Escape

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