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Princess Alexandra Escape

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It's your first time in this country. You've always seen the place as a set for historical dramas. And after watching an episode, you'd always day dream about staying inside the palace. It's always a treat for you to imagine yourself wearing the royal clothes and walking along the corridors. You tried to close your eyes at this very spot to imagine. You've only spent a few minutes when you heard people running. You wish to concentrate on your imagination but you also can't ignore the noise. So you opened your eyes to see the people dressed in royal clothing just like the olden days. It was such a sight to see with the realistic acting of the person struggling. You stood there with mouth wide open. You're waiting for the director to shout cut. But a few minutes had passed with no crew showing up.

It dawned on you that it might have been the real thing. Then someone came running towards you. "Have you seen Princess Alexandra?" Again your mouth dropped open and pointed to the direction of the running people. "Help us!" And so your quest to save Princess Alexandra started. Play Princess Alexandra Escape outdoor escape game by Yolk Games.

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