Abandoned Hotel Escape (5N Games) Game

Abandoned Hotel Escape (5N Games)

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"Throw caution to the wind!" You bravely told your parents when they were talking you out of your decision. They can't believe you're going to exchange your stable job for a few days of travel. And then they began questioning you about your way of supporting your expenses. They have so much more to ask but you begged them to just let you be. All you wanted from them is an open arms when you come back. They just sighed at your decision and watched you leave the house. After a month, you started running out of money. The online job you're working for ended their contract and you're left with last month's salary. You're starting to feel the reality of your decisions. But you can't back down now. You have to prove you can also survive this world. It's full of opportunities only few can see.

So you for tonight's accommodation, you looked for the cheapest hotel possible. While searching through the net, you saw in front of you an abandoned hotel. It doesn't say keep out which could mean it's still safe here. So you entered and checked the place out. You want to make sure that if you enter, you can also go out. Which is not the case for this hotel. Abandoned Hotel Escape (5N Games) is a room escape game by 5n Games.

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