Pretty Girl Room Escape Game

Pretty Girl Room Escape

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Max spent the night in his girlfriend's apartment and when he woke-up the next morning, he found her gone but she left a note. She was late for work and if he needs something then just give her a call. Max wasn't able to though for he seems to be missing his phone but anyways he'll just clean the entire room for a bit so that when she returns later in the day, it will all be spotless and maybe he can find his phone then. Max cleaned room after room and when he was done, he decided to leave so he can buy dinner for him and his girl, but unfortunately there seems to be a problem, for Max could no longer leave the place!

Max could not open the door and somehow it was jammed, but how exactly? The door seems to be the good kind and it wouldn't just jam, maybe it did or, his girl is pulling a prank on him! Probably, but if so then Max won't back-down on this challenge here. Escape players, want to help on the escape with Max and see if you can get out of the room?

Pretty Girl Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Ekey Games.

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