Halloween Cave Escape Game

Halloween Cave Escape

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Deep in the forest, there is this spooky cave which nobody really gets near to. Some say it has a curse and anybody who stands there who is not worthy will not make it out of there, others would say there is a magical sword hidden in that cave and the problem is one cannot just enter that cave, for the entrance is hidden and covered by a huge stone. For Gerard the cave isn't really a secret, for he lives near it and he thinks he is worthy, for he had been checking the place out but he still made it out of there and in, but the sword rumor though he cannot really prove for he had also been trying to figure-out the stone of the cave and how to open it, he only stopped when he heard another story that the cave can only be opened if you put your mind into it.

Gerard thought about the story well but it only brought more questions than answers. Now how was he going to solve this so that he will see if a magical sword is really in there? Escape players, maybe you have an idea of how to get this done, will you join Sean here and see if you can all get that cave to finally open?

Halloween Cave Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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