Pond Forest Escape Game

Pond Forest Escape

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The pond forest is filled with obviously ponds and during the winter season there, ice skating are quite a trend in the place. But because Sheena have just moved to the area, she had never been to the forest and she should be careful if she decides to go there, for not only there are very few people there at the moment, the place can be a bit confusing and a lot of people have already gotten lost there. Sheena was not in concerned of that however, for she never really knew there was something to be concerned of.

Sheena enters the place and admires the beautiful streams as well as the ponds, it was good and everything was peaceful for there were no people in there. But that factor though is going to be detrimental, for when Sheena got lost in the place, she got no help at all! Sheena could not navigate back for there is no clear path and she doesn't have the knowledge of the terrain yet. Escape players, you are the only help that she can get here now, will you be able to help her get back home even though you yourself don't have the knowledge of the said land?

Pond Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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